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Over the last few years, drug and alcohol intervention has become more than just convincing the addict that they have a problem, it has become the beginning of long journey to sobriety. If you love someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, an intervention in Syracuse is the first step to getting them the help they so desperately need.

A well planned and thought out intervention will do more than get the patient into treatment. It will also prepare them for a life-changing journey to sobriety. A well-planned intervention is much more than convincing an addict that they need help. Today’s intervention is a process that can take a year or more to complete. It is much more than getting into rehab. All will not magically be fixed just by getting an addict to quit drinking or doing drugs. There is much more to it than that.

“We always hurt the ones we love” rings very true in the life of an addict. The abuse the family suffers at the hands of the addict is un imaginable to someone who has never experienced it. The abuse is not always physical. Yes, some addicts and alcoholics do get physically abusive, but more often it is mental abuse that they are dishing out. The addict is an expert at manipulation. They will make their loved ones feel like it is their fault that they drink or do drugs. The drugs take over and create a monster out of someone who is really a giving and caring person; a person the family no longer knows.

By the time families seek the help of an intervention, they are often beat down mentally and just do not know where to turn. Often the one closest to the addict will have tried everything they can think of to help the addict see that they are hurting the entire family, but they just refuse to see or admit that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. The addict is oblivious to the pain and heartbreak he or she is causing. The only thing that matters to them is that they get their next drink or fix.

Contacting a drug and alcohol interventionist for an intervention is the first step to healing the entire family. Contacting the right rehabilitation program will give your loved one and the family support through the entire process. At the first call for help, an intervention counselor will interview the entire family to plan the intervention. Once the intervention takes place, the addict will be taken for inpatient treatment. This treatment begins with detoxing the drugs or alcohol from the addict’s entire system. From there it will move into outpatient services that will include family therapy.

Intervention in Syracuse is just the beginning of getting your life back together.
Anyone who has ever loved an addict longs for the relief, healing and getting on with their lifetime happiness.


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