Intervention in Rochester

Intervention is the first step to getting help for an addiction. After intervention in Rochester, the addict will often enter into an inpatient treatment program to clean their body and mind of the harmful substance that they are addicted to. Once the inpatient treatment is completed, outpatient services are often necessary to insure they stay on the road to recovery.

The time apart is often as difficult for the family as the intervention in Rochester was. The patient wants to continue his or her life with their family and the family wants the recovered addict back in their lives. It is important that the alcoholic complete the entire inpatient and outpatient treatment process before being introduced back into the home.

While in treatment, the patient may call and beg to come home early. This is a difficult thing for family members to deal with. They dearly want them to come home, but if they have not completed the entire process, they are more likely to fall back into their addictive habits. It is important for the patient to finish the process. There is much more life work to be done before life can go back to “normal.” Intervention in Rochester must follow an addiction and recovery program, or it just will not stick. This is an entire lifestyle change for the entire family.

A professional intervention in Rochester will include ongoing case management and lifetime support. Once treatment begins, we treat the entire family unit. Case management includes intense behavior modification that everyone must follow. The family has enabled the addictive behavior, and they need to learn to stop enabling behavior. The addict has learned to “work” the enablers to be able to continue drinking or doing drugs. Our staff is available to guide all to productive, happy lives. For the addict, case management will teach them to stay sober, without the manipulation of loved ones.

From the time the addict enters treatment, the Case Manager will be there to guide them on the path to recovery. The Case Manager will schedule random substance testing and coordinate with everyone involved with the addict’s recovery process. These will include the treatment center, therapist, after care planner and anyone else involved with the patient’s recovery. This is not a fast process. For recovery to be permanent, the addict and the addict’s family have a long road to go to insure that their lives are back on track.

Intervention in Rochester combined with other care services have over a ninety percent rate of success after just one year of being sober. With ongoing support, the success rate can only increase. Getting sober and staying that way is our ultimate goal for you and your family.


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