Intervention in Buffalo

Do you live in the Buffalo area and know someone who has fallen to the addictive effects of drugs or alcohol? Don’t worry. You are not alone. We are here for you in your time of need. The undertaking of an intervention in Buffalo is common but requires tact and professional guidance. They are a common aspect of our practice. Let’s work together to help your loved one get well again.

Young Adult Addiction and Intervention

Is your addicted loved one a young adult? The harsh facts of life are that most intervention in Buffalo actions are undertaken to steer a young adult away from drugs or alcohol. While older people do fall prey to the same issues that cause addiction, statistically speaking there is a larger percentage of teenage and young adult addiction in the Buffalo area. This presents a set of problems that are a bit more intense and immediate in many instances.

While adults need the love and attention of the friends and family to help them they are not under the same amount of societal pressure that a teen or college age addict is under. Due to developing brains, hormonal fluctuations and peer pressure an intervention can be a highly dynamic situation. Let’s join together to help your loved one find their way back from the darkness that they are falling into.

Adult Intervention

Adults, even senior citizens, are also prone to societal pressures but they usually have higher developed emotional constraints. Still, an intervention in Buffalo undertaken without professional help is often difficult to manage and will have a high chance of failure. Our professional intervention guides can add the needed knowledge and care necessary to help your loved one find the strength to look deep and pull themselves back from the brink.

What exactly is an Intervention

This is one of the most commonly asked questions that we are asked. Most people know that interventions involve friends and family gathering to try and help someone they care about. That is where the general public knowledge ends, however. On a television show the intervention occurs and a few minutes later the loved one who is confronted with the love of his or her family members is willing to seek treatment.

The truth is that an intervention in Buffalo is rarely that cut and dry. Here at New York Intervention Services we undertake real-life interventions. We use time-tested treatments and calm demeanor to help heal the entire situation. A true intervention requires more than just the addicted individual to come to the honest decision to enter into rehabilitation. It will also need to help the family and friends involved come to understand that they must act as a determined support mechanism. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that even the best rehabilitation program in the world will show limited results if the addicted individual does not have an at home support structure, or returns to a toxic situation.

We use a family systemic model of intervention. This allows for healing of the entire situation from the inside. We can help each other to discover the key underlying causes that have generated the need for intervention in your loved one’s life. We don’t just intervene, we help everyone to heal.


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