PTSD Intervention in New York

PTSD Intervention in New YorkWhen most people are exposed to a traumatic event, such as being the victim of a crime, living through combat or surviving a natural disaster, for a few weeks after the event they will experience an array of mild symptoms. The symptoms will last for a few weeks and will not greatly impede their everyday life. For a small percentage of people these symptoms will not only remain after a few weeks but they will get worse over time. They will accelerate to the point that the individual is unable to conduct their everyday life. This is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While the symptoms of PTSD can be very severe it is a very treatable disorder. The most difficult of getting treatment for PTSD is finding the right type of therapy and the right therapist. So, for those individuals and families living with PTSD what are the best PTSD Interventions in New York?

Psychotherapy PTSD Interventions

For many individuals psychotherapy or “talk therapy” is the most effective type of treatment. There are a wide variety of talk therapies ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Psychoanalytic Therapy to Interpersonal Therapy (IPT). All of these talk therapies will help the individual uncover why the traumatic even has caused such high levels of stress and anxiety. The individual and their mental health professional will work to minimize the symptoms and eventually get them back on track.

Pharmacological PTSD Interventions

Another effective method for treating the symptoms of PTSD is pharmacological approaches. The use of prescription medications, often anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressant medications can help the individual with some or all alleviation of symptoms. This can help the person move forward and start to feel more like themselves. IN most cases a medicinal approach can be paired with a therapeutic approach for the best results. (

Group PTSD Interventions

Another intervention style for dealing with PTSD is group therapy. These sessions are conducted under the guidance of a trained mental health professional. The therapist and a similarly diagnosed group of individuals will discuss the symptoms and daily living difficulties they each experience. Having the support of people who are dealing with similar issues can be immeasurably helpful. This is a wonderful way for people dealing with the symptoms of PTSD to know they are not alone.

Exposure Therapy PTSD Interventions

One of the most effective types of therapy being used to treat and hopefully cure PTSD are exposure therapies. ( is a type of therapy that helps to expose the individual to their traumatic event through the use of memory, visualization, pictures, etc. to help them relive the experience. By reliving the experience again and again and managing the stress during exposure the individual will start to see a drop in their symptoms. By using this process the person can essentially become desensitized to his or her own trauma.

For many individuals a combination of more than one of these interventions might yield the best result. The wonderful thing is that help is out there. The right PTSD Interventions in New York are ready and waiting.



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