Prescription Pill Intervention in New York

Prescription Pill Intervention in New York


No matter where you live in New York the problem of pill addiction has become one that has touched just about every citizen in every city. Whether by first-hand experience or through knowing someone who uses painkillers to achieve a high, the number of people developing opiate addictions continues to rise.

Whether someone is addicted to painkillers, sleeping aids, anti-anxiety medications, or pills that bring them up or take them down, this less often identified addiction problem carries the same harrowing results as those who use heroin and other narcotics. Use often results in loss of employment, inability to maintain relationships, and the willingness to engage in more and more illicit behavior to obtain a new supply.

Recently, New York State began using a new online system that tracks prescription pill usage and identifies patients who seek out multiple doctors during a short period of time. While I-STOP, or Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing, is already identifying hundreds of people who are suspected of abusing the medical system to obtain drugs, thousands more will slip by unnoticed, buying prescription pills illegally from a dealer. This is why the need for prescription pill interventions in New York remains a necessary option for friends and family members of addicts.

Why an intervention?

Prescription pill interventions in New York are for those people who have a friend or family member who may need a more concentrated effort of help to treatment. For the most part people who have a prescription pill addiction were not originally seeking out a way to become intoxicated. Instead, the majority of these people suffered from real injuries or illnesses that required taking painkillers to ease discomfort. Most addictions develop during that first period of use. When a loved one has an addiction, whether to prescription pills or something else, it’s not always easy to motivate them to seek rehabilitation. If you have reached a point where you feel there is nothing more you can do on your own, we can guide you through the next step.  Together, we can reassure your friend or family member that their addiction is nothing they should feel shame about. They can be helped and we can encourage them with support and real understanding.

The process of a prescription pill intervention

While there are various ways an intervention can be set up and several different outcome goals, we understand that the needs of those seeking information about prescription pill interventions in New York will be different for each person. This is why we encourage you to read the information presented here on our website and contact us anytime you have questions or concerns about putting prescription pill interventions in New York into action.


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