Crystal Meth Intervention in New York

Crystal Meth Intervention in New York

Crystal Meth Intervention in New York

Several television shows, movies, and songs in recent years have depicted a spike in crystal meth addiction in the United States. Trends have shown that crystal meth, also known as meth, crystal, ice or glass, has surpassed cocaine as the “drug of choice” for young people. Sadly, as the rates of meth addiction continue to rise, this country has seen an increase in the number of lives being ruined by this drug. It not only affects the individual affected but also the families who watch their downfall.

The fortunate part is that crystal meth addiction is treatable. Many people have been successfully treated for meth addiction and go on to lead healthy and productive lives. So, when a family wants to find help for their loved one, where do they turn?


For most crystal meth addicts the first step on the road to recovery is the detoxification (detox) process. This happens in a detox facility, which is staffed by medical professionals who will guide the individual and family through the first days or weeks of rehab. As the drug is eliminated from the body a wide range of symptoms can be experienced. Because the side effects range from mild (headaches and irritability) to severe (high fevers, seizures and violence) having medical professionals available is necessary. They can provide both emotional and physical (medical) support as needed.

Inpatient Meth Interventions

After detox is complete many recovering meth addicts will attend an inpatient rehab facility where they will spend a period of time beginning treatment for their addiction. While in an inpatient facility they will work with mental health professionals, medical professionals, social workers and other individuals on the road to recovery. This is a highly supportive and accepting environment where a person can find round the clock support.


For some individuals a longer-term inpatient stay might be warranted. For these people a residential program that may last as long as three months might be best. They will receive the same support as an inpatient facility but for a longer period of time. Crystal meth is a highly addictive substance, emotionally, socially and physically so fighting the urges to use may take a longer period of time. This addiction also takes high toll on a person’s family and personal life so learning to rebuild their life might take several months.

Intensive Outpatient

Once detox is over and an inpatient facility has begun the process of sobriety an intensive outpatient facility may be the next step. These facilities provide support and resources to recovering addicts in morning or evening sessions that last several hours. Rather than a weekly hour session a recovering meth addict may be asked to report five days a week for several hours each day. This allows plenty of time to receive therapy, social support and any other service necessary to maintain long-term sobriety.

Obviously, overcoming an addiction to crystal meth is not an easy battle but it is one worth fighting. With so many Crystal Meth Interventions in New York the right one for every individual and every family is ready and waiting.


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