Intervention on an Alcoholic in New York

Support for Intervention on an Alcoholic in New York

Intervention on an Alcoholic in New York

Alongside caffeine and nicotine, alcohol is the most widely accepted drug used by the general population today. Alcohol is served in bars across every city in the U.S., offered at parties, and raised in celebration during weddings and other public and private events. However, despite its wide use and easy access alcohol continues to be one of the deadliest drugs in existence. Support for interventions on an alcoholic in New York is one of the most necessary requirements needed by those who are searching for a way to help an alcohol addicted friend or family member.

A Few Facts

•    As of 2007 about 15% of New York City residents were excessive drinkers with 22% residing in Manhattan. More than 135,000 New Yorker City residents were treated for alcohol abuse by admission with the highest rate of dependency among whites. African American and Latino residents, despite ranking lower in dependency were often admitted to the hospital or died from excessive alcohol consumption.

•    In 2011, 315 fatalities in the state of New York were related to alcohol-impaired drivers. Of those accidents involving a fatality, 70% of drivers had a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher, 67% of those drivers were repeat offenders. The other 33% were those driving with a BAC of .08-.14 who had had been caught driving under the influence previously.

•    In 2012 the British Medical Journal concluded in the largest study ever done comparing the harmful roles drugs play in users’ lives that alcohol was dangerous enough to be ranked fourth behind the likes of heroin, crack, and crystal meth. Other studies have put alcohol in first place as the overall most harmful drug.

The widely available statistics on alcohol abuse are overwhelmingly clear. Alcohol is exceptionally dangerous. Interventions on an alcoholic in New York play a vital role in helping drinkers find the courage to admit to their addiction and welcome help.

Preparing for the Intervention

We understand that watching a loved one fall into a downward spiral of alcohol addiction can be heartbreaking. Many times no amount of gentle prodding or prolonged pushing for an alcoholic to change his or her ways seems to have an effect. But, not all hope is lost. Understanding the disease of addiction and often the shame and guilt the alcoholic hides from when using alcohol can help when preparing for interventions on an alcoholic in New York.

When the friends and family of an alcohol addicted person are ready to set up interventions on an alcoholic in New York we will work closely with all involved to ensure that the correct steps are being followed and that the most productive and safe environment has been established before beginning. Education of friends and family is a key piece of this preparation and we encourage you to read all of the information provided within this website as well as encourage you to contact us with all of your questions and concerns regarding the right type of intervention for your friend or loved one.

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