Alcohol Interventionist in New York

Alcohol Interventionist in New York

It is hard to imagine that we will ever need the help of an alcohol interventionist, but the hard fact is, there may be a time when the services of an intervention specialist are necessary to help someone we love. When that time comes, it is not something that should be jumped into without knowing what to look for in a an alcohol interventionist in New York.

The interventionist will meet with family and loved ones who will be present at the intervention and plan the meeting. The method we use for intervention is a letter-writing model. Each person that will be present will write a letter to the alcoholic explaining how their behavior has affected them personally. These letters will follow them through the entire recovery process so that the patient can refer to them as they move along and be reminded of what their negative behavior has done to the people they love.

Services Offered

Our interventionist, rest assured we will be there to support you and your family every step of the way. Our main goal is to get your loved one into treatment. Our interventionist will guide the intervention; with the understanding that when it is over, you’re loved one will enter into the inpatient phase of the recovery process. The interventionist’s job does not end with the intervention.

What to Expect from the Session

The first session will be to deal with your loved ones reaction of anger or surprise. The main goal of this step is to deal with the reaction. Most addicts do not want to believe that their addiction is affecting anyone in a negative way. They will often become defensive. Your interventionist will know how to deal with any situation that arises. He or she will put the addict at ease so that the sessions may continue.

The second part of the session includes the reading of the letters. This is the basis of the intervention. It is designed to keep conflict at a minimum. This is also the main communication between the addict and their loved ones. The objective of this step is to surround the addict with love and support, while letting them know and understand that their drinking is out of control.

In session three the alcohol interventionist in New York will connect with the alcoholic by relaying their personal experience. This lets your loved one know that he or she is not alone, and that we truly do understand what is happening and how recovery has changed their life for the better.

By the fourth step, the addict has typically accepted the fact that he or she must make major changes and be ready to commit to a recovery program. If this realization is not accepted, the fifth step is designed to deal with any objections or rejections. Most alcohol interventionists in New York will have successfully gotten the alcoholic into treatment by the fifth or sixth step. If this is not the case for your session, fear not, there is a “tough love” section that will continue until the ultimate goal of getting them into a recovery program and on the way to sobriety.

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